The Clerk of the Board is responsible for keeping accurate minutes and maintaining Board records for each Board of County Commissioner (BCC) and Value Adjustment Board (VAB) meeting. In addition, every 4 years, the Clerk of the Board office provides staff support to the Charter Review Commission (CRC) appointed by the BCC.

Selection options are described below:

1. To search BCC records by meeting date and/or a specific term between September 23, 1869 and December 14, 2010, view the 'BCC Meetings' page.

2. To view BCC records by meeting date between January 4, 2011 through September 22, 2016, scroll down to locate the BCC meeting date.

To search BCC records by a specific term between October 4, 2016 through Present, select the 'Search Records' tab.      

4.    To view VAB records by meeting date between June 20, 2013 through August 21, 2018, scroll down to locate the VAB meeting date. 

5.    To search CRC regular business meeting records by a specific term between February 25, 2019 through Present, select the 'Search Records' tab.

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First name: Commissioner Mayra
Last name: Uribe
Web site:
Biography: Commissioner Uribe is a dedicated wife, mother, and business owner. She is a first-generation American born and raised in District 3 of Orange County. For nearly 8 years, she served as an aide to U.S Senator Bill Nelson, where she helped the citizens of Florida deal with issues they had with the military, FEMA, immigration, transportation, and labor matters. That experience hardened her resolve to serve her community. She has dedicated her life to help others by working with nonprofit (Catholic Charities, Christian Service Center, Healthy Start and Boot Camp for New Dads) charities and churches, as well as raising awareness for Central Florida’s homeless children and families through various campaigns and efforts. She also co-hosts a nightly radio show on ESPN 580 Orlando. As a business woman, she understands the concerns of those calling Central Florida home. While the economy has strengthened for some, not everyone is feeling that their county government has done enough to address their needs. She has had the great pleasure of raising her family in this vibrant and diverse community. Her family, faith, and focus for our community’s future gives her the strength and encouragement to make a difference.