The Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners (Clerk) is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of each Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting. The Clerk maintains the official copy of all Board records.The Clerk provides electronic copies of BCC meeting minutes dating back to 1869 as well as electronic copies of official BCC documents, public hearing notices, County staff reports, decision letters, PowerPoint Presentations, and audio/video recordings.

Selection options are described below:

1. To view Board records by meeting date between January 4, 2011 through September 22, 2016, scroll down to locate the BCC meeting date. 

2. To search Board records by specific term between October 4, 2016 through present, you may select the  'Search Records' tab.

3. To search Board records by meeting date and/or specific term between September 23, 1869 and December 14, 2010, you may view the 'BCC Meetings' page.

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